B-Side: A Rocket Cabaret


In a world dominated by iTunes and Spotify, where listening to music has become more and more passive, records are active and deliberate. You chose to listen to a record and you chose to flip it over. You put your music experience into the capable hands of artists who decide what song you start with, finish with, and every song in between. 
That is where B Side: A Rock Cabaret comes from.
Today, the same small group of classic rock songs get played and remembered, but there are so many equally amazing others that deserve more recognition. With this concert, we are bringing back those bad ass bangers! We want you to fall in love with these songs, whether or not you knew them before. We want you to have a kick ass time revelling in music with our incredible performers and band. We have created an unforgettable music experience and we want you there! 

Created by Jocelyn Kraynyk 
With Shannon Dunbar and Michael Henley 

Singing the music of Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Heart, The Rolling Stones, Foreigner, Journey and MORE!!

Tickets: $10 Students and Seniors; $15 Adults
Tickets are available online from Hart House Tickets at phone at (416) 978-8849 or by cash at the door.