By Jaimie Henderson
Photos courtesy of Jaimie Henderson, Dorcas Chiu, and Steven Worboys

When I was 14, I was lucky enough to see Legally Blonde the Musical with its original Broadway cast in New York City. Ever since that first “ohmigod” was I hooked!

Getting to work on this show is a dream! I play the character Serena, who makes up one third of Elle Woods zany, fun-loving, best friend trio. When I got the role I was more than ecstatic for a few reasons the main one being… when I walked out of that theatre in times square eight years ago I remember turning to my mom and saying, “I want to be in this show, and I want to play Serena.”… and now I am, it felt a bit like a ‘pinch me’ kind of moment. The other reason the show has been so special is I am getting to play the best friend of one of my actual real like best friends Olivia Lewis (Who is our amazing Elle Woods). When Olivia and I met at camp over six years ago we would spend our time off reenacting songs from the musical. She then moved to the UK for university and when she got back to Toronto in September, it was crazy that we were not only finally living in the same city but also playing our dream roles in one of our dream shows!

Jaimie and Olivia in rehearsals.

Jaimie and Olivia in rehearsals.

The whole process has been a fast wild ride! The whole cast is made up of such talented, loving, dedicated people I couldn’t feel more privileged to get to work with such a group.  It’s so lovely working with a group that makes you laugh everyday, it makes the environment so positive! This cast is a group of people who really bring their hearts to the show; every time we work on something new I feel so supported and loved it feels easy to take risks.

Overall, playing Serena has been a constant party! Her sassy, fun, loving, hilarious attitude has been so much fun to explore! I can’t wait for people to come and get to experience the fun and joy we get to feel on a daily basis!

The cast practicing the bend and snap.

The cast practicing the bend and snap.

Come check out the fun for yourself… if for no other reason then to learn the ‘bend and snap’ because everyone knows… “…It’s been known to alter all laws of physics and logic.”

Legally Blonde: The Musical will be showing November 27th- December 5th at 8pm, with a matinee show at 2pm on December 5th!

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