RICHARD II: Cast and Crew Highlights

Photos from the cast and crew of Richard II and Marie Trotter

Rae Costin- Stage Manager

"Richard II has been an amazing experience for my first time as SM. The cast and rest of the crew have been so helpful and worked so hard, I'm hoping that at least a little bit of their talent might run off. To see just how talented they are, come to the JCR on March 30th, April 1st, and April 2nd to see them perform.

Rion Chow- Projections and Sound Designer

"It was fun to design this show because of the concept that I was presented with. Kevin's re imagination of the show works extremely well with what is currently happening in the states. My only wish is for this show to somehow get to the states for the audiences that truly matter to see it" 

Emma Tse- Co-Director

"The time we were given was a real challenge, but it was a great experience working with this talented and extremely dedicated cast that made it work. Everyone should come to the show to see the great work they've done. As well as our fantastic projections, and fun political undertones."

Liz McLoughlin- Queen 

"This show is a testament to the dedication of it's cast and crew. We ran at every challenge head-on and found something great along the way. People should come see this production because not only is it a rare opportunity to see a Shakespeare production that is not often produced, but also lets the audience really become a part of this familiar story."

Andrea Castaneda- Mowbray

"In this time of political turmoil its great to be in a show that reproduces the values of law and power, public and private, especially as an actor who loves political drama!"