Picture this: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein but instead of a terrifying commentary on mankind’s monstrosity and the dangers of the pursuit of knowledge, it’s just a bad movie. Now add on aliens, sex, Meatloaf’s weird strut, an incoherent plot line, Tim Curry’s suggestive eyebrows, a neckless narrator, and Little Nell’s unnecessary nip-slips. Oh, and it’s also a musical. No wonder it’s a cult classic. Susan Sarandon’s Oscar-winning career began with this movie and yours can too. Come watch your friends struggle to adapt aggressive jump cuts to the stage!

Directed by: Emily Powers

November 20th, 8pm. Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave

Tickets: Pay What You Can! Tickets with be sold in front of the UC LIT Office
All proceeds will be going towards the Rainbow Railroad in support LGBTQ people around the planet escape state sponsored violence in their home countries