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Spring Awakening

Based on the Play by Frank Wedekind

Music by Duncan Sheik       Books & Lyrics by Steven Sater

Directed by William Dao


The UC Follies is proud to present Spring Awakening as our Hart House musical production for this upcoming fall/winter 2017.

Adapted from the play by Frank Wedekind and set in 1891 Germany, Spring Awakening is a coming-of-age story. It follows a group of young teenagers as they experience sexual awakening and discover their own identities. In the process, they must rebel against societal expectations and the adult powers in their lives. While often harrowing, this rock musical is also a euphoric exploration of youth and sexuality. The UC Follies’ production of this controversial show will further incorporate its themes through movement, unique visuals, and symbolic elements. 

There are three worlds in Spring Awakening. The world of religion, the world of nature and the world of rock concert. People generally choose one and emphasize it. Director Will Dao has merged the world of religion and the world of nature through design elements and the use of movement.

Dec 1st & 2nd at 8pm

Dec 8th & 9th at 8pm

Dec 9th Matinee at 2pm

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